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How long do your preserved flowers last?

Typically we say that our arrangements will last for month to years. Following our care instructions is essential to keeping the flowers longer. We ask that you keep them away from direct sunlight,  in non-humid environments, and indoors. Please do not water and dust periodically.

What kind of flowers do you carry?

We have roses in multiple sizes. Our premium preserved roses are typically about 3 inches in diameter and are subject to availability. Our standard roses are about 2 inches in diameter and are available in an abundance of color. We do change our rose color selections accordingly to seasons and occasions. We also carry, hydrangeas, orchids, and carnations. And of course we have greenery such as ivy leaves and bear grass which typically are incorporated into our floral designs.

How are the flowers preserved?

Our flowers are all freshly cut flowers that undergo a process in which the flowers absorb the preserving ingredients used combined with color enhancers that are safe, non toxic, and harmless.  This allows the flowers to retain their moisture and keep in a permanent state of youth. One can compare this process its effects to a floral fountain of youth. Our flowers remain supple, colorful, and unchanged.

Do the flowers have a scent?

When the flowers have undergone the preservation process they loose their natural scent. We include a natural rose scent in the floral designs which gives a lovely and discreet smell to our flower arrangements.

Are your flowers safe for those who suffer from allergies?

Yes, because the natural rose scent is lost after becoming preserved.

What is your sales policy?

We have a no return sales policy. Due to the fragile and perishable nature of flowers all sales are final. No exchanges or returns.

What happens if my floral arrangement arrives damaged?

If you receive an arrangement which has been damaged or mishandled in transit please contact us immediately and we will issue a call tag and have a replacement piece sent to you. Please keep all shipping contents including the box and packaging protectors for shipping inspectors.

Do you ship your preserved flowers internationally?

Yes we can ship abroad. Please contact us directly to do so.

How much could be saved by purchasing floral arrangements as opposed to fresh flowers?

If you purchase flowers on the weekly or even bi-weekly basis, within about a couple of weeks of purchasing fresh flowers, you have already paid for one of our gorgeous floral designs which will remain with you for years. As we all know fresh flowers fade and wilt after a couple of days and inevitably need to be discarded. With our gorgeous eco-friendly floral designs you will have the look of having fresh flowers year around without the maintenance and hassle of changing water or cleaning your vases.

Please tell me more about your Floral Exchange Program for loyal customers?

When you purchase a floral arrangement you have the option to send the vase back to us within 6 months and we will replace the flowers at a 30% discount of the original purchase price. This can also allow you to try our different colors according to the season.